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Trusted Information
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• Organizational Structuring
• Disciplined Processes and Oversight
• Information Security Policy
• Data Classification
• Security Practices and Standards
• Education and Awareness Programs
• Internal Measurement and Reporting
• Overall Program Effectiveness
• Benchmarking
• Strategic and Tactical Planning
• Business Partner Oversight
• SDLC Integration
• Change Control and Management
• Integrated Risk Management
• Executive Level Reporting

Governance and oversight of your security program is a critical part of a sustainable information security program. We have the experience to ensure your program has the right foundation for future success.

A sound program must address the multitude of information security threats, but it must also address the defensibility of senior management and your corporate image. Our team includes CISOs from Fortune 500 companies, who are very adept and experienced in providing the leadership necessary to build an entity-wide information security program.

This is not about a quick fix. It is about building a program that protects the trust your clients have placed in you, today and tomorrow. Its about building a program your team can embrace and rally around. Its about building a program that can be integrated into the way you do business. We can provide you with a complete set of CISO services, or just the services in which you need assistance. Either way, we will provide you with a framework that you can build on, all at a very reasonable cost. We will ensure your information security program is formal, repeatable, sustainable, and cost effective.